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Trip to Kobenhavn

Many times we have been visiting this big city, because Kobenhavn or Copenhagen is the nearest big city from Lund Sweden. even though it is in Denmark, but i feel that Kobenhavn is part of Malmö or Lund when you want to find the aura of big city, like in Jakarta. I can't compare Kobenhavn with Jakarta, hahahaha

what i like in Kobenhavn

- Nyhavn,

old town harbour

- Royal Arena Copenhagen,

one of big and good concert hall that normally big artist are performed

- round tower Copenhagen

i can't imagine how they built this tower without any stair. You just need to go inside the tower and there is ramp up to go to top of the tower.

- Bertels Salon

this is a cafe and the cake is very tasty and coffee also good. great for Fika


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